Putting the Pieces Together

5 Jul 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

The idea of a fireplace is usually inseparable from that of a mantel. What you may not know is that the construction of the fireplace and the selection of the perfect mantelpiece are wholly different processes. You don't even have to build a mantel if you don't want. Many people who prefer contemporary decor styles elect to position their fireplaces flat into the wall, with no surrounding mantel or designated hearth space.

A fireplace package allows you to purchase everything you need to install and use the functional parts of the fireplace. The fireplace itself will likely not strike you as being particularly decorative. Think of the firebox as a heating unit with some customizeable components. The surround is the thin frame that closes off the space between the firebox and the wall. A reflective liner and fireback will create the illusion of multiple flames and a bigger fireplace. In a gas fireplace, you can select realistic-looking artificial logs or colorful fire glass to provide some visual interest. The mantel is the piece that integrates a fireplace into the rest of the room and makes it seem almost like a work of art. Use this FORM or email us at tech@shopchimney.com for assistance selecting a fireplace package and a timeless wood mantelpiece to go with it.