10 Feb 2019

Real smoked flavor...the easy way!

Submitted by dan

Outdoor Great Room

Pellet grills are the go-to way to make fast and easy grilled food...with a twist. You get all the convenience and consistency of an electric grill, but with the classic smoky flavor you can only get from wood pellets. Cleaner and more contemporary than a standard charcoal grill, pellet grills give you the barbecue flavor you love in a grill designed for your modern home and lifestyle.

Tretco's pellet grills illustrate the melding of classic grilling and modern convenience. There's no messy fuel, and you can set the heat for the exact temperature you want. You can grill, broil, sear, smoke, and even bake in a pellet grill. The Outdoor Pellet Grill and Cooking Centre features a large domed top and a front-loading door to accommodate all the different types of food you can prepare in it. The Smoke-N-Hot Pellet Grill Pro is a great budget-friendly option with a built-in wheeled cart, shelves on both sides, and precise digital temperature controls. In addition to the versatility of cooking styles afforded by these grills, you can also customize the flavor by adding in the pre-seasoned pellets of your choice. Stick with tried-and-true woodsy flavors or branch out with unexpected honey or fruity flavors. For more information about pellet grills and how to use them, click HERE or email us at tech@shopchimney.com.