30 Aug 2016

Safety First! Introducing Boone Hearth's new all-purpose utility gloves

Submitted by dan

Nitrile Gloves by Boone Hearth

Boone Hearth is happy to introduce the latest addition to its well-curated line of fireplace and household items! These All Purpose Black Nitrile Gloves are durable enough to withstand tough tasks but flexible enough to not impede your dexterity. These are the perfect gloves for both your safety and hygienic needs.

These gloves are made out of nitrile, which is as yielding as latex but much less prone to tearing. Since they are not powdered, they are appropriate for cooking and serving-related tasks. The lightly textured fingertips make it especialy easy to handle tools or small craft components. Use them for clean-up and science lab work. They were the #1 selling gloves during the week of their launch due to Boone Hearth's attention to detail and high quality standards. They are available in small, medium, large, and extra large. Check out these gloves and other essential home items from Boone Hearth!