16 Aug 2016

The Sideline Stands Front and Center!

Submitted by dan

Fire Glass

Do you want to install a fireplace but have very limited floor space? Have you resisted getting a fireplace because you're worried about the mess and maintenance? Do you think that a fireplace might not look right in your living room? Then we encourage you to consider the Sideline Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace from Touchstone.

The Sideline takes up absolutely no space in your home, as it is recessed right into the wall. It comes with a remote control that adjusts both the heat and the visual flame settings. You can even turn on the moving flames without activating the heat, giving the Sideline year-round versatility. Imagine installing the Sideline in your dining room, right in your guests' line of sight. You'd be bringing the ambience of an upscale restaurant into your home. You could also place it in your bedroom without worrying about smoke or fire hazards. When installed in the living room, The sleek black border looks minimalistically modern or classically chic, depending on how you've decorated the rest of the room. For more information about the Sideline or any of our other electric fireplaces, fill out this FORM or email us at tech@shopchimney.com.