There's a unique fireplace package for everyone!

19 Jul 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

By now, you're probably aware of how convenient it is to purchase a complete fireplace package from us. However, you might still have concerns about whether your new fireplace will fit in with the rest of your decor. After all, you've been adding new furniture and collecting new artwork the entire time you've been living in your home. It's completely reasonable to wonder if a pre-selected fireplace will have the same personalized touch as everything else in your living room. Here's the good news: Our methods for choosing the fireplace components ensure that you will receive a fireplace that you feel like you have hand-selected yourself.

In developing our packages program, we came up with literally thousands of different combinations. We're selling these pieces as a set to make sure you get everything you need in a single shopping trip, not to squelch your creativity! Even though the various parts of a fireplace are not traditionally sold together, you cannot install or use your fireplace unless you have all of them. The types and amount of additional parts vary across brands and model styles. This makes it difficult to come up with a streamlined way to help our customers shop. We solved this problem by putting the pieces together for you and anticipating all of the different permutations of options. For example, this fireplace package comes with the antique brick background liner. If you want the black liner instead, there's a package containing that choice. You can browse through the listings in a particular style until you find one that matches your size and fuel requirements. For more information about package selections, use FORM or email us at