22 Dec 2015

These Firestarters are Dynamite!

Submitted by dan

Black Rock Powder Co Firestarter & Crate

Picture this: You've gathered a group of friends around the fire for a night of fun and conversation, and the fire won't start! Or you can only get the fire going for short stretches of time before it goes back out again. Keep a box of Black Rock Dynamite Firestarters handy and you'll never encounter this inconvenience ever again.

These firestarters are packaged like old-fashioned sticks of dynamite, and they come in a vintage-style wooden crate with metal hinges. A refill set is also available for those who either already have or don't want the box. All you have to do is place one of these firestarters under your firewood and light one or both ends. Each full stick burns for about 30 minutes. You can also break the sticks into smaller pieces for a shorter burning time. Click HERE for the complete set and HERE for the refill set (no crate).