24 Nov 2015

We're Huge Fans of This Tiny Tool!

Submitted by dan

Heat Powered Warm Air Circulating Stove Fan (2 Blades)

Is your wood burning or pellet stove as warm as it could be? If it seems like it's producing a lot of heat but you still can't feel anything, you might be in need of Boone Hearth's Heat Powered Warm Air Circulating Stove Fan. It distributes heat evenly throughout the room, turning your wood stove into a fully-fledged heating unit that rivals your home's central furnace.

This fan requires no electricity. It starts to power itself once the heat from the stove reaches 185 degrees Farenheit, and it turns itself off automatically if the temperature drops below that threshold. When you use this fan in conjunction with a wood stove, you will be doing your part to reduce electricity usage during the colder months. It magnifies your heat output, but it doesn't cause you to burn through wood more quickly or produce more smoke or creosote. This fan is the smart choice that will allow you to save money on your utility bill and make the eco-conscious choice.