6 Apr 2018

Why you should switch to gas grilling

Submitted by dan

Summerset Grills 32 inch Sizzler Stainless Steel Propane Gas Grill

Winter is finally over and you know what that means: Barbecue season is here! Before you dust off your old-school charcoal grill, take a look at some of our gas-powered options. Gas grilling is the best way to get the smoked flavor you love and the consistent cooking temperatures you never knew you were missing.

The Sizzler from Summerset Grills is one of our most popular propane models. It has five separate burners, each with its own temperature control. This means that you can cook different kinds of food at the same time. The grill is engineered to encourage maximum air circulation for fast, flavorful cooking. There is room toward the back of the grill to install a rotisserie. Use it on its own or incorporate it into your customized outdoor cooking setup. For more information, email us or click HERE to view our entire selection of gas grills.