Your Grill Isn't Complete Without These!

17 May 2016

Blaze 40 Inch Double Access Door With Paper Towel Dispenser

When you decide to build an outdoor kitchen, you have the freedom to select the component that suit your precise needs. In the midst of this creative project, do not forget convenience and practicality. You will need some kind of storage space, and we recommend installing these Blaze Outdoor Double Doors for easy access.

These doors are made out of 304 grade stainless steel to withstand the elements. Install them directly under your grill head to store your favorite grilling tools, serving dishes, flatware, and seasonings within reach. The doors are encased in a shared frame that measures 40" wide. The handles are comfortably curved and are placed close together so you can grasp both at the same time. There is a bonus paper towel roll installed behind one of the doors to save space and make cleanup easy. Though they can be used in any customized outdoor kitchen island, they are expressly designed to be components in Blaze Outdoor grill installations. Whether you stick with Blaze or mix and match for a truly customized grill, these Double Access Doors will add essential storage space and give your grill a finished appearance.