13 Oct 2015

Corbridge Wood Finish Electric Fireplace

Here at ShopChimney, we take pride in offering creative solutions for any decor-related difficulty you may have. Everybody loves fireplaces, but not all homes present the right conditions for installation. You may live in an apartment without chimney or gas line access, or you may be concered about having a real fireplace while your children are still very young. You might feel that there is no place for a traditional fireplace within your preferred stylistic aesthetic.

8 Oct 2015

Fuss-Free Fires

Submitted by dan

Holly & Martin Sierra Tealight Log

Everyone loves the heat and flickering flames of a real wood or gas fire, but sometimes you just want to enjoy the experience without the prep or cleanup that real fires require. To quickly and easily create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, try Holly & Martin's Sierra Tealight Fireplace Log.

16 Sep 2015


Have you ever wanted to cook on a charcoal grill but didn't have the room for a full barbecue set-up? Now you can cook all you want, with a little help from the Hibachi Charcoal Grill with Cast Iron Grill Grids! This little grill is lightweight and was designed with safety in mind. Just fill the bottom part with charcoal and place your meat or vegetables on the adjustable griddles for food that is cooked perfectly every time!

8 Sep 2015

How Hot is Too Hot??

Submitted by dan


Purchasing a fireplace is a creative endeavor. When you select the individual parts, You are essentially designing your own customized unit. While it is important to select the components that meet your aesthetic standards, it is equally crucial to ensure that your unit will provide enough heat to be useful

25 Aug 2015

Rectangle Aluminum Slatted Firepit with SS Propane Burner

Nothing beats sitting around a fire with your friends on a cool fall night. This Rectangle Aluminum Slatted Firepit from AZ Patio Heaters is one of our most popular fire pits. Customers love how easy it is to set up, and the slatted lid is a great bonus. It keeps children out of harm's way, and it allows you to use the outer edges of the unit as a table, maximizing your space. It also gives you multiple options when it comes to arranging your patio or garden decor. You could tuck it away in a corner so your guests can move about freely while still benefiting from the warmth of the flame. Alternately, you could place it in the center of your space, using it as a coffee table when it isn't lit and enjoying the light and warmth when it is.



21 Jul 2015

Outdoor GreatRoom Inspiration

Install a fireplace in your home without the mess, hassle, and expense. The Inspiration from Outdoor GreatRoom can be installed either indoors or outdoors. The unique faceted backdrop and transparent glass beads reflect and refract light to create the illusion of a massive flame with just one can of gel fuel. It gives off the warmth of a real wood fire. The matte black frame matches any decor. Its sleek, innovative design transforms this fireplace into a modern art installation. Best of all, you can place it in any room, even in locations that do not lend themselves to traditional fireplaces due to safety concerns or lack of space. The clean-burning gel and streamlined construction make this a popular fixture in dining rooms and bedrooms. When used on a patio, it is a safer and cleaner alternative to a fire pit.

16 Jun 2015

We all know that things are constantly changing and improving. Well this holds true for shopchimney products, too! The 25k BTU Dual Fuel Thermostat Control Vent Free Stove combines old-world beauty with new, innovative, vent-free next generation Patented Dual Fuel Gas Tehnology and superior designs. To top it off, the outer cabinet has a black powder coating for beauty that will last. The stove also comes with beautiful, hand-painted logs. This new, superior design is a lightweight alternative to the old-style cast iron stove.


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