23 Mar 2015

Getting rid of Creosote

Submitted by scott
Many people are unaware of a harmful and possibly fatal buildup of Creosote in their chimmneys. Creosote is formed from the different substances that are produced when wood burns. These substances flow up into the relatively cooler chimney, and condensation occurs. The resulting creosote is a sticky brown or black residue that sticks to the inner walls of the chimney. Creosote is highly combustible, and, if allowed to build up, could result in a chimney fire.
ShopChimney carries various solutions to getting rid of creosote. A few of our most popular ones are:
    23 Mar 2015

    Versatile Vent

    Submitted by scott
    BBQ islands are a convenient commodity - but when they become a safety issue, they're not so beneficial anymore. Without ventilation, gas leaks in the island cause gas to build up and have the potential to cause a dangerous explosion. Keep your family safe with our easy to install Island vent.
    16 Feb 2015

    The Perfect Gift

    Submitted by dan

    Keeping a rug in front a lit fireplace doesn't seem like a wise idea- but what if the rug is flame resistant? The Orian Textured rugs are safe to use, easy to clean, and the elegant array of patterns make it a beautiful addition to any room. The rug is plush and smooth underfoot and its simple woven pattern makes it a nice fit for any home, which is why it's a great gift idea.

    26 Jan 2015

    Grill Options

    Submitted by dan

    Right in the thick of the winter is the ideal time to start shopping around for barbecue grills. Allow yourself to escape the cold to warm weather, delicious smoked and perfectly flavored meat, and a relaxed and enjoyable family barbecue.
    When shopping for grills, the two main grill options are charcoal and gas. The two each have their distinct advantages and disadvantages, which we will do our best to illustrate in this article.

    15 Jan 2015

    Fireplace Safety Tips

    Submitted by dan

    Keeping your fireplace clean is essential to the safety of your family and home. Buildup of creosote or other dirt can lead to chimney fires and other internal damage. As these buildups are gradual, you need to be proactive, even if your fireplace looks fine now. In this blog, we'll revisit a couple of our top safety tips to keep you and your family safe.

    14 Jan 2015

    Electric fireplace are a great alternative to wood burning fireplaces. They require little or no upkeep, they are generally much more affordable than wood burning fireplaces, and they do not require a functioning chimney.
    One of our favorite pieces is the AKDY Freestanding Electric Fireplace Heater. Its realistic flames, strong heat output, and beautiful appearance are just some of its great features. These fireplaces come in a variety of colors to suit any room, and can be easily moved from room to room.

    12 Jan 2015

    Fireplace Safety Gate

    Submitted by dan


    As anyone with toddlers knows, kids love exploring. Their curiousity knows no bounds, which is why you have to take precautions to protect them from dangerous things around your home. Child safety gates effectively keep curious little hands away from dangerous places such as fireplaces, wood burning stoves, and furnaces. You can also use them to cordone off a staircase or similar hazardous areas. 

    30 Dec 2014

    Fireplaces are beautiful, warm, and cozy. However, they are also potential hazards. Your chimney is the venting for your fireplace, allowing all the noxious and harmful gases to safely escape. Chimneys require constant upkeep and cleaning to prevent fires. Besides for the danger to your family, chimney fires can cause immense structural damage to your home. 


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