24 Dec 2014

Log Options

Submitted by dan

Are you looking to set up a fireplace? There is nothing more rewarding than sitting in front of those roaring flames on a cold winter night. However, there are many different options for fireplaces, venting options, and installation ideas. To help a bit with the process, we've compiled a list of the three most popular types of log options and the benefits of each. 

Wood Logs

  • Wood logs are the most traditional and classic, producing a beautiful roaring fire and a wonderful smell. However, they are often messy and difficult to maintain. Additionally, if you do not live somewhere with firewood readily available, this may not be a viable option as firewood can be quite costly. Firewood also presents a fire hazard, something that may make parents of toddlers nervous. Gas logs can be a great alternative to wood burning logs. Click here to see our beatiful selection of wood burning fireplaces.
5 Dec 2014

Gel Fuel Fireplaces

Submitted by dan


Wood burning fireplaces are beautiful and cozy; however, maintaining them can be costly and time consuming. If you would still like the ambiance without the hassle, there are several other options. We've mentioned electric fireplaces previously, and you can check out that blog post here. If you decided electric is not for you either, read on to learn more about gel fuel fireplaces. 

1 Dec 2014


Many homeowners dream of having a fireplace. The long cozy winter nights snuggled in front of the warm heat, the soft crackling of flames and, of course, the elegant look it lends to any room. However, for many, a standard wood-burning fireplace is not an option. Most fireplaces require vents and pre-existing chimneys, which is often not a possibility. Well, the perfect alternative is here! The Akita Media Electric Fireplace provides the ambiance and warmth you want without the hassle. Read on to see the many benefits to this electric fireplace.

26 Nov 2014

Great Heating Options

Submitted by dan

We all hate that feeling of waking up to a cold bedroom in the morning. All you want to do is cuddle under your warm covers and stay there forever. Chilly workplaces are no fun either. To make things a bit easier, we've compiled a list of our greatest heaters to keep you cozy throughout the day.

31 Oct 2014

Water Repellent

Submitted by dan


The damage caused by a leaky chimney can be extremely distructive and costly. Hiring someone to come waterproof it for you can run you a bill of hundreds of dollars. So for all you looking to save a lot of money in repairs, read on! 

19 Oct 2014

Keeping your family and home safe from fire is a top priority for those with fireplaces. With the correct equipment, this is easily managed. One product essential for your protection is The Adjustable Fireplace Hood. It is simple to install and blends in well with black sheet metal around the fireplace. You can keep safe without ruining your room's decor! The hood protects your mantel and surround by protecting it from the heat that the fire generates. This ensures the safety and longevity of your mantle.

6 Oct 2014

How To Bellow

Submitted by dan

These classic pieces combine both function and beauty. Leather accented and hand carved, they are a welcomed addition to any mantle! No more huffing and puffing to start a fire- a good few pumps on your bellow and you'll have a wonderful, roaring flame.

3 Oct 2014

You may have a beautiful house, but you need the personal touches and knick-knacks to make it your own. It may be difficult to find the perfect accessory to bring out the look you are trying for, but it is definitely rewarding to feel like a room really expresses you. If you're looking to create a rustic, country look for your fireplace, the Woodfield Wrought Iron Tool Set may be just what you're after!

29 Sep 2014

The Little Powerhouse

Submitted by dan

This small heater proves the old saying that "great things come in small packages!" With strength that defies its small size, this heater will warm up your room in a record short time. Much like a central heating system, this heater heats up the air in the room and then circulates the warmth. No need to huddle close to the heater to get warm- the heating system will ensure that all parts of your room are equally comfortable.

Turn the heater on with a simple push of a button and let it do all the work of keeping the room a cozy temperature. Easily adjust the settings with the attached thermostat. The heater will also add moisture to the room, eliminating the need for an additional appliance to do the work.


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