22 Sep 2014

Beautiful and sturdy, this log holder is a great way to contain your logs in one neat pile and add a classy feel to the room, too! The suede carrying tote traps debris, minimizing the mess caused by wood. No need to struggle with an armload of wood with the Forged Iron Log Carrier- all your wood is neatly transported in one quick and easy trip.

5 Sep 2014

The Ellis Cook Stove

Submitted by dan
Meet the most multi-functional stove in the world! With the Ellis Wood Burning Cook Stove, you can efficiently heat your home, cook dinner in the oven, prepare some side dishes on the three hotplates and perhaps a nice cup of tea while your at it. The oven comes with a temperature gauge, so your meal is cooked to perfection. The stove is also equipped with a second warming oven. All you need for dinner plus a little more! 

3 Sep 2014

The Portable Rotisserie

Submitted by dan

If you're a frequent camper, hunter, or fisher, you know the feeling of coming back to camp, starving for a good meal. How does a supper of dry cereal and a granola bar sound? Not too awesome. How about a freshly roasted chicken with that slow roasted flavor? Now we're talking! If your looking for your food to be cooked to perfection, the rotisserie will do the job. Rotisseries slowly rotate your meat and give it a slow roasted flavor that is simply delicious. The Grizzly Spit battery powered rotisserie is perfect to bring with you just about anywhere! Whether it's hunting, camping, fishing, boating, or even in your own back yard, take your rotisserie along for a well-deserved, delicious supper.

3 Aug 2014

Stylish Log Carrier

Submitted by dan

You want something functional to carry your logs, but it also has to look good and fit in with the decor. The Rugged Cowhide Leather Log Carrier suits both purposes perfectly. It offers a mess-free way to transport the logs indoor from your woodpile outside and a stylish way to do it! Made of real leather, this quality log carrier ensures many seasons of use.

24 Jul 2014

Speedy White Cleanser

Submitted by dan

After many years of use, fireplaces are often filled with creosote and covered with smoke stains, soot and grease. Looking for a quick face lift? Try the Speedy White cleaner for quick and effective results. The Speedy White cleaner removes creosote so fast, blink and it's gone! If your glass door is showing it's age, whip out your bottle of Speedy White and scrub away its years in minutes. Front steps are black and stained? Speedy White to the rescue! This versatile product can be used on stone, cloth, vinyl, carpeting and plastics. Feel free to find your own use for this cleanser and let us know about it! 

15 Jul 2014

A barrel stove is an excellent way to efficiently and quickly heat up a home. Barrel stoves hold an impressive amount of wood, which means it keeps your home warm straight through the night! The Air-tight version has gasketed doors, which means that you'll have a great overnight burn going. These stoves also heat up really fast, providing quick relief from the cold.

7 Jul 2014

Many homeowners dream of having a fireplace. The long cozy winter nights snuggled in front of the warm heat, the soft crackling of flames and, of course, the elegant look it lends to any room. However, for many, a standard wood-burning fireplace is not an option. Most fireplaces require vents and pre-existing chimneys, which is often not a possibility.

4 Jul 2014

Our top 5 safety blogs

Submitted by dan
Keeping your home a place for peace and relaxation should be kept a high priority. Your home is a place for your family to relax and enjoy each other, especially around the holidays. Keep your home your sanctuary in the new year by reviewing our top 5 safety blogs of 2014. 
1 Jul 2014

B-vent fireplaces

Submitted by dan

Are you shopping around for a cost effective, efficient, and attractive fireplace? B-vent fireplaces may be what you're after. B-vent fireplaces are great aesthetic pieces and can really transform a room. Our B-vent fireplaces boast large glass windows that showcase an open realistic flame.


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