6 Dec 2016


Installation is only the first phase of owning and using a chimney. It is absolutely crucial that you maintain your chimney to ensure safe use for as long as you plan on utilizing it. Water damage is one of the leading causes of chimney erosion. Products from ChimneySaver are the best, easiest, and most affordable way to fend of water damage before it causes expensive problems.


22 Nov 2016

Fireplace Packages

Our fireplace package specials don't only apply to gas or wood fireplaces - you can get an electric fireplace package too! You can select a convenient, low-maintenance electric firebox without limiting your mantel and installation options. Electric fireplaces have controllable temperatures and require no fuel or maintenance. Many of them even generate realistic-looking flame images!

15 Nov 2016

Fireplace Packages

When you're browsing our fireplace packages, you might wonder if there's a catch. We are proud to inform you that there isn't! We craft our packages by matching up complementary pieces from our regular product catalog. They're the same excellent quality you've come to expect from ShopChimney. We make the packages ourselves, personalized for every individual order.

1 Nov 2016

Good Directions Fire Pit Screen

Good Directions makes outdoor decor pieces that incorporate artistry and a sense of fun. These pieces are excellent accents if you frequently host parties and gatherings - they make people feel even more welcome to enjoy themselves when they visit you. Good Directions is known for functional and attractive fire pit bowls. To celebrate the start of fall, our favorite season for fire pits, we are putting our Good Directions fire pit screens on sale!

19 Oct 2016

Boone Hearth Extra Large Log Storage Rack

You're ready for colder weather: you've got your fireplace in running order, and you have all the accessories and tools to make your fireside experience enjoyable. But do you have enough wood at hand to keep your fire going as long as you'd like? Keep the Boone Hearth Extra Large Log Storage Rack fully stocked so you're always ready!

11 Oct 2016

Heat-Resistant Leather Stove & Fireplace Gloves by Boone Hearth

It's no fun having a fireplace or wood burning stove if you can't operate them safely! Though most of your fireplace usage is fuss-free, there will be times when you need to clear away debris or perform a minor DIY repair. You can't use just any gloves when working with heat and complex home installations. Boone Hearth has manufactured these real leather gloves expressly for this purpose.

5 Oct 2016

Boone Hearth Customizable Ash Holder

When you think about your fireplace, you probably think about the warmth, ambience, and the people you share those moments with. You probably don't devote much thought to how you will clean up and dispose of all of the ash that your fire creates. Luckily for you, Boone Hearth has you covered with their new ash holder! The Boone Hearth Steel Ash Holder with Customizable Handle lets you sit back and enjoy your fire instead of constantly getting up to dispose of the ash it creates.


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