27 Sep 2016

Boone Hearth Combo Cart

If you've been watching this space, you already know all about picking out a fireplace and customizing it to fit your needs and stylistic preferences. Now comes the fun part - decorating it! We have a huge selection of mantelpieces and shelves to frame your fireplace with. We also have swinging doors and accented screens to place in front of the fire itself. Don't forget to browse all of our fireplace accessories too! You'd be surprised by all of the variety available in something as simple as a log holder or an ash shovel. One of our favorite accessory sets is this tool kit from Boone Hearth, which comes built into a miniature rolling log storage cart.

20 Sep 2016

Timberwolf Wood Burning Insert

By now, you're probably familiar with the concept of a fireplace insert. Inserts allow you to upgrade or remodel your existing fireplace without committing to a massive construction project; all you have to do is literally insert a new firebox into the opening of the old installation. We usually use inserts to switch from a wood fireplace to gas or electric, or to quickly adjust to new safety regulations in the region. The Timberwolf Small Woodburning Insert is a different kind of insert: it transforms your fireplace into an old-fashioned wood burning stove.

13 Sep 2016

KettlePizza Grill Kits

Artisanal stone-fired pizza is one of today's biggest food trends. Cooking pizza this way makes the crust extra crispy and leaves the cheese moist. The pizza is infused with smoky flavor. This style of pizza usually features locally grown ingredients and extra-fresh toppings. Since the pizzas are flash-baked, the toppings don't char. Herbs stay tart and green, and meats broil instead of burn. You'll be surprised by all of the flavors you were never able to taste in conventional pizza. You can't get this type of pizza delivered to your home, and restaurants that serve it are routinely packed at mealtimes. With KettlePizza, you can make your own stone-fired pizza right on the kettle grill you already have! Save money and time, and make your pizza exactly how you like it!

6 Sep 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

It's not too late to get your new fireplace installed in time for winter! You don't want to be caught without adequate heating when cold weather strikes, especially if you live in a region that experiences frequent power outages. There are countless ways to fit a new fireplace into your existing set-up. We can even help you upgrade an old fireplace that is no longer usable. In fact, upgrades like this account for a large amount of our installations! You don't have to feel like you're stuck with the unit that's already in your home.

30 Aug 2016

Nitrile Gloves by Boone Hearth

Boone Hearth is happy to introduce the latest addition to its well-curated line of fireplace and household items! These All Purpose Black Nitrile Gloves are durable enough to withstand tough tasks but flexible enough to not impede your dexterity. These are the perfect gloves for both your safety and hygienic needs.

9 Aug 2016

Fire Glass

Your fireplace is such a major focal point in your home; it's natural that you would want it to reflect your tastes and personality as much as possible. Though our stock of fireplaces and fireplace packages offer you virtually every option available, you might still feel limited by the standardized designs of most units. One way to add pep to your fireplace is with fire glass in the color, size, shape, and finish of your choosing.

27 Jul 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

Our fireplace packages aren't limited to the more standard types of fireplaces. If you have a different style in mind, we might already have put together a package for you! Not all fireplaces need to be situated at the floor level, and they certainly don't have to be surrounded by a large wooden mantel. A portrait-style fireplace fits flat into the wall, making it a good choice if you have limited floor space or have young children. A fireplace doesn't have to raise safety concerns or have a huge impact on the rest of your home decor.


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