There's a unique fireplace package for everyone!

19 Jul 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

By now, you're probably aware of how convenient it is to purchase a complete fireplace package from us. However, you might still have concerns about whether your new fireplace will fit in with the rest of your decor. After all, you've been adding new furniture and collecting new artwork the entire time you've been living in your home. It's completely reasonable to wonder if a pre-selected fireplace will have the same personalized touch as everything else in your living room. Here's the good news: Our methods for choosing the fireplace components ensure that you will receive a fireplace that you feel like you have hand-selected yourself.

Classic Style for the Modern Home

12 Jul 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

We bet you didn't know that a fireplace could look like this! If you've been putting off getting a fireplace because you don't want to give up wall space, look no further. The Tahoe model from Empire Comfort Systems protrudes from the wall and is transparent on three sides. You can even add remote control capability. Best of all, the Tahoe is available as part of a pre-assembled fireplace package, making your selection a truly one-stop shopping experience.

Putting the Pieces Together

5 Jul 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

The idea of a fireplace is usually inseparable from that of a mantel. What you may not know is that the construction of the fireplace and the selection of the perfect mantelpiece are wholly different processes. You don't even have to build a mantel if you don't want. Many people who prefer contemporary decor styles elect to position their fireplaces flat into the wall, with no surrounding mantel or designated hearth space.

Inserts: The Easy Way to Instantly Upgrade Your Fireplace!

28 Jun 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

Customers often come to us for help renovating an old fireplace installation. They either want to start using a fireplace that they haven't used in a while, or they've moved into a new house with a pre-installed fireplace that has fallen into disrepair. Sometimes a change in safety or environmental regulations forces you to update your fireplace to a newer model. You may want to switch to a cheaper or more efficient fuel type. Whatever your reason might be, we have a quick and easy way to instantly upgrade your existing fireplace.

Fireplace packages are the safe, user-friendly option.

21 Jun 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

One of the most difficult aspects of purchasing a fireplace is navigating all of the safety and environmental regulations. You also need to make sure you purchase all of the necessary parts for a complete assembly. A fireplace can't be installed if you don't have all of the components you need; some of the pieces look merely decorative but are actually important to the overall structure of the unit. If you haven't shopped for a fireplace before, you might not even know ahead of time that you can't just pick out the parts you like and have them installed. Our fireplace packages have been designed by experts who have accounted for safety requirements and who know which parts can't be left out of a first-time purchase.

Fireplace packages allow you to think outside of the box

14 Jun 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

By now you're probably familiar with the concept of our fireplace packages: We streamline the very complicated process of purchasing a new fireplace unit, so all you have to do is pick the design you like and make sure that it is supported by the gas system already in place in your home. With us taking care of the hard part of keeping track of every little part and component, you can take your time to browse through our listings and see which fireplace styles match your decor the best.

Fireplaces: Where to Start

24 May 2016

Complete Fireplace Packages

Installing a fireplace is a huge project that extends far beyond picking out the unit that you like best. In most cases, a fireplace is a permanent alteration of your house, and the costs don't stop when the installation process is complete. As with all home improvements, you should consider whether the fireplace you select will impact the overall value of your home. Resale value does not trump your enjoyment of your living space, but it's something to think about if you think you might sell your home one day.