15 Dec 2015

2 In 1 Wall Mount Or Tabletop Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are known for their convenience and modern designs. The 2 In 1 Wall Mount Or Tabletop Electric Fireplace from Smartworks Consumer Products has even more benefits than the typical electric fire. You can hang it up on the wall, or you can use the included stand to place it on a table. It has a sleek, shiny finish, and the flame images look realistic.

8 Dec 2015

Fireplace Tool Set with Antique Handles

If you're currently choosing components for your new fireplace, you should also pick out a set of high-quality fireplace tools. Fireplaces are complicated, specialized installations, so it makes sense that you'd need cleaning and maintenance tools that were made specifically to be used on fireplaces. You can't go wrong with Boone Hearth's Fireplace Tool Set with Antique Handles if you want both quality and value.

1 Dec 2015

Focolare Muro Rosso Wall Mounted Ethanol Red Fireplace

Bluworld is known for its elegant indoor waterfall fixtures. They have created the Nu-Flame line, featuring the Focolare Muro hanging fireplaces, which are equally eye-catching and innovative. It comes in a classic walnut finish as well as fire engine red, which is very unique for the fireplace industry. It is rare to see bright colors incorporated into major home features so artfully. This fireplace is perfect for young adults and new homeowners who want the traditional feel of a fireplace but don't have the space or budget for a huge home remodel. At less than $300, the Focolare Muro is a great choice for your first fireplace.

24 Nov 2015

Heat Powered Warm Air Circulating Stove Fan (2 Blades)

Is your wood burning or pellet stove as warm as it could be? If it seems like it's producing a lot of heat but you still can't feel anything, you might be in need of Boone Hearth's Heat Powered Warm Air Circulating Stove Fan. It distributes heat evenly throughout the room, turning your wood stove into a fully-fledged heating unit that rivals your home's central furnace.

17 Nov 2015

One Fire Fits All

Submitted by dan

Gloss Black Paris Tabletop Ethanol Fuel Fireplace

Here at ShopChimney, we like to bring major home features like fireplaces to unlikely places. Eco-Feu is one of these special brands. Their miniature fireplaces can be used in any sort of house or apartment, and they require no special set-up or installation. The Gloss Black Paris Tabletop Ethanol Fuel Fireplace is an attention-grabbing unit that suspends a flame between two square panes of glass. Each glass panel measures just slightly less than 8" x 8", and the fuel is housed in the shiny black base.

11 Nov 2015

Deluxe Airtight Barrel Stove Kit

Do you want a vintage-style wood stove at a fraction of the normal cost? The Deluxe Airtight Barrel Stove Kit comes with everything you need to transform an ordinary empty barrel into an old-fashioned stove! It's great for drafty spaces like garages or basements, and it can even keep a cabin fully heated. The finished stove holds enough wood to keep a fire going all night long. 

3 Nov 2015

Stonegate Electric Fireplaces

A fireplace is a key element of a comfortable, well-decorated home, but it is usually impossible for people to install them unless they own their homes and have a lot of space. Stonegate eliminates those prerequisites. Their electric fireplaces are ideal for renters and those who need to maximise small living spaces. Stonegate's units are especially suited for young adults who are setting up their own homes for the first time.

27 Oct 2015

DuraVent: Built to Last

Submitted by dan

Aluminum 90 Degree Adjustable Elbow - 3 inch

DuraVent opened operations in 1956. Since then, it has been a leader in manufacturing components for gas fireplaces. In 1959, the DuraChimney line was developed to service wood fireplaces. In the 90s, gas stove and direct vent parts were added. The brand ranks at the top of every product category.


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