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19 Jan 2016

Sparo Indoor/Outdoor Table Top Ethanol Fireplace

We're huge fans of tabletop fireplaces here at ShopChimney. We love how versatile they are and how easy they are to use. You can place your mini fireplace in any room at all and instantly make the space feel more homey and comfortable. These models are deceptively minimalist in design. Almost all of them are stark or angular, which allows them to blend in with and augment any style of decor.

12 Jan 2016

Eco-Feu Cartier Stainless Steel Bio-Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

Is your living missing something? How about your patio? If you feel that any room in your house is lacking something to make it welcoming and comfortable, an Eco-Feu tabletop fireplace might be exactly what you need. We're big fans of the Cartier model. It is tall and elegant with a square base and body. This shape gives the fire edges and angles to reflect off of, creating a mini light show right on your coffee table.

5 Jan 2016

Stove Thermometer For Safe Wood Burning From Boone Hearth

It takes a bit of practice to get used to operating a wood burning stove properly. It is more complicated than simply starting the fire and shutting the door. The heat levels need to be frequently monitored to ensure that remain consistent. Using Boone Hearth's stove thermometer is a valuable safety measure that also helps you prolong the life of your stove. 

29 Dec 2015

Your First Fireplace

Submitted by dan

Trygve Electric Fireplace

It's rare to find a fireplace that takes design, safety, cost, and ease of use into account. The Trygve Electric Fireplace from Stonegate does just that. The realistic-looking flame is surrounded by a deep brown mantel. It turns on with the flick of a switch, and it heats rooms up to 500 square feet in size. It requires absolutely no set-up or installation. All you have to do is plug it in and enjoy the fire.

22 Dec 2015

Black Rock Powder Co Firestarter & Crate

Picture this: You've gathered a group of friends around the fire for a night of fun and conversation, and the fire won't start! Or you can only get the fire going for short stretches of time before it goes back out again. Keep a box of Black Rock Dynamite Firestarters handy and you'll never encounter this inconvenience ever again.

15 Dec 2015

2 In 1 Wall Mount Or Tabletop Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are known for their convenience and modern designs. The 2 In 1 Wall Mount Or Tabletop Electric Fireplace from Smartworks Consumer Products has even more benefits than the typical electric fire. You can hang it up on the wall, or you can use the included stand to place it on a table. It has a sleek, shiny finish, and the flame images look realistic.

8 Dec 2015

Fireplace Tool Set with Antique Handles

If you're currently choosing components for your new fireplace, you should also pick out a set of high-quality fireplace tools. Fireplaces are complicated, specialized installations, so it makes sense that you'd need cleaning and maintenance tools that were made specifically to be used on fireplaces. You can't go wrong with Boone Hearth's Fireplace Tool Set with Antique Handles if you want both quality and value.

1 Dec 2015

Focolare Muro Rosso Wall Mounted Ethanol Red Fireplace

Bluworld is known for its elegant indoor waterfall fixtures. They have created the Nu-Flame line, featuring the Focolare Muro hanging fireplaces, which are equally eye-catching and innovative. It comes in a classic walnut finish as well as fire engine red, which is very unique for the fireplace industry. It is rare to see bright colors incorporated into major home features so artfully. This fireplace is perfect for young adults and new homeowners who want the traditional feel of a fireplace but don't have the space or budget for a huge home remodel. At less than $300, the Focolare Muro is a great choice for your first fireplace.

24 Nov 2015

Heat Powered Warm Air Circulating Stove Fan (2 Blades)

Is your wood burning or pellet stove as warm as it could be? If it seems like it's producing a lot of heat but you still can't feel anything, you might be in need of Boone Hearth's Heat Powered Warm Air Circulating Stove Fan. It distributes heat evenly throughout the room, turning your wood stove into a fully-fledged heating unit that rivals your home's central furnace.


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