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Getting rid of Creosote

23 Mar 2015
Many people are unaware of a harmful and possibly fatal buildup of Creosote in their chimmneys. Creosote is formed from the different substances that are produced when wood burns. These substances flow up into the relatively cooler chimney, and condensation occurs. The resulting creosote is a sticky brown or black residue that sticks to the inner walls of the chimney. Creosote is highly combustible, and, if allowed to build up, could result in a chimney fire.
ShopChimney carries various solutions to getting rid of creosote. A few of our most popular ones are:

Versatile Vent

23 Mar 2015
BBQ islands are a convenient commodity - but when they become a safety issue, they're not so beneficial anymore. Without ventilation, gas leaks in the island cause gas to build up and have the potential to cause a dangerous explosion. Keep your family safe with our easy to install Island vent.

Solaire's InfraVection® Option: Ultimate Grilling Versatility

1 Jul 2013
InfraVection® is a concept for the griller who wants to experience infrared grilling while keeping the “comfort zone” of a traditional convection burner. It’s also great for the sophisticated outdoor chef who wants the widest range of temperature options for the ultimate in grilling versatility.  The Solaire design allows for easy conversion from one burner type to another.