How to use bisquettes

30 Jun 2014

If you love a great barbecue, then bisquettes are your thing! Many barbecuers are confused about how to use bisquettes. Hopefully, this article will clarify things a bit.
These bisquettes are for use with the Bradly Smoker. This smoker is made to automatically add bisquettes to the smoker every 20 minutes. The bisquettes are added to a small hot plate to generate smoke. When the old bisquette is used up, it is automatically dropped into a bowl of water and extinguished, and a new bisquette is put in. To figure out how many bisquettes you will need, simply take the total cooking time and divide it by 20 minute intervals.
Bisquettes offer a great way to infuse a wonderful taste in your meat. These bisquettes come in some great flavors. Our best selling flavor is hickory, but our other varieties aren't doing too bad either! Here's a little guide to help your with choosing the best flavor for whatever is cooking. The strong hickory or mesquite flavors are often used for smoking beef, game meat and pork products such as pork shoulders and beef brisket. The apple wood bisquettes produce a lighter, fruity and slightly sweet smoke aroma. Apple flavor bisquettes are traditionally used when smoking pork and poultry and can produce great smoked ribs. Cherry bisquettes impart a sweeter, milder smoke flavor, commonly used with poultry and wild game meat. Alder and maple give a rich and distinct flavor commonly used with seafood, hams, and bacon. Bradley's Pacific Blend is chef-inspired for fish and seafood and features a light clean flavor.

To find out more about these flavor- enhancing bisquettes, click here.


Thanks for the guide on which bisquettes to use on which meats- that always confused me a bit. Just tried the apple flavored on smoked ribs- They were really great!