15 Jul 2014

A Great, Easy Heating Option

Submitted by dan

A barrel stove is an excellent way to efficiently and quickly heat up a home. Barrel stoves hold an impressive amount of wood, which means it keeps your home warm straight through the night! The Air-tight version has gasketed doors, which means that you'll have a great overnight burn going. These stoves also heat up really fast, providing quick relief from the cold.

The stove barrel kit uses a 55 or 30 gallon kit, not included. You can obtain that easily from a retailer in your area. Kits consist of a feed door and ash door, 6" damper coller, and legs. The door has a latch with spin dial draft control.  

Assembly of the barrel stove is relatively easy- cut out an area for the door and flue on your barrel and you've got a wood stove! You'll also need a good hearth to keep the barrel on. The stoves do get very hot, so if there are children around it is advisable to use a gate to keep little hands from touching it.

While these stoves are not know for their aesthetic appeal, they do provide a reliable and efficient source of heat for your home. This makes them perfect for a cabin or garage, or perhaps a basement. To see more about these barrel stove kits, click here.


I use my garage as a kind of workspace/ hobby place and until I got this Barrel Stove Kit I was using one of those portable small heaters in the winter- I had to stand real close to it to feel the warmth and it wasn't very efficient. I follow you guys on facebook, and when I saw this blog it looked good, so I invested in one. It's awesome! Does its job and does it well. I'll admit that it's not, as you put it, known for it's aesthetic appeal, but I'm fine with it in my garage.

Glad you improved your workspace to make it more comfortable!