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Lyemance DLEM1313 13" X 13" Energy-Saving Damper

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This Lyemance energy saving damper is proven to reduce air loss in your chimney of up to 90%. This damper is easy to install on top of a flue tile and silicone cement. Included is a 32' stainless steel cable, handle, and bracket. The bracket is mountable to the inside of the firebox and the handle is locked into place when the damper is closed. The damper is designed so that the lever causes the paddle to lift and lock into place, and also allows the damper to be easily closed. Silicone rubber gaskets eliminate energy leaks by creating tight seals for no rain leaks, no heat or air loss, and no down drafts.

The Lyemance Chimney damper will bring efficiency into your home and help conserve wasted time, money, and energy. The Lyemance Damer eliminates as much as 90% of the air loss of a traditional damper, proving to save you up to $100 in a single heating session. It is designed to lock in heat, while keeping rain, snow, and debris from entering the chimney. The Lyemance Damper can be installed in minutes and comes with a tube of silicone adhesive for mounting to the top of the tile liner.

The lid of the damper is spring-loaded and normally in the open position. It is shut by means of a stainless steel cable which extends down the inside of the chimney flue and is attached to a hook mounted in the fireplace opening.

  • Each die cast aluminum damper is completely assembled and includes a 32' cable.
  • Longer cables are available, 40' Cable or 50' Cable.
  • Silicone rubber seals tight.
  • Cast-aluminum construction.
  • Easy opening with power lever assist.
  • Easily mounts atop a flue tile.
  • Top sealing dampers are not recommended with gas logs - failure to open could cause carbon monoxide to back up into the house.
  • 13" x 13"


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Feb 15, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I bought this to prevent my dual flue chimney from drawing smoke/fumes from one opening into the other. Even though I crack open a window to supplement an outside air duct that supplies air into our upstairs fireplace, there must still be a low enough pressure in our house to draw air thru the flue for our lower level fireplace (despite the closed lower fireplace damper). This product is well constructed and fit our standard 12x12 flue tile just fine, and our existing chimney cap was wide enough to fit over the edges of the damper and screw back into place under the outside edges of the damper, though just barely. The damper installed easily with the supplied silicone adhesive, and I was careful to follow other reviewers' advise and uncoil the wire before lowering it down the chimney. The 2 wires shown in the photo join together below the photo, so only 1 wire goes down the chimney. One wire lowers the flapper, the other can engage (by pulling harder on the wire) after the flapper is closed, to actuate a lever that can crack open the other side if frozen shut or stuck. If, like me, you have a functional fireplace damper, you might want to drill a hole in the side of the damper body, and thread the wire end thru it, so the wire won't interfere with closing the fireplace damper. Drilling holes in the firebox for mounting the bracket (to hold the wire taught) is a lot easier with a hammer drill, if you or a friend happens to have one. The wire was 2 ft short for our lower level application (due to 9'ceilings and high roof), so I bought a splicer for 1/16 inch wire at L----'s, added 2+ ft of wire and crimped it with dull wire cutters. Our lower level is now free of smoke odor...
Ryan W.
Nov 8, 2014
This is one fantastic invention! It really secures my chimney, and I'm noticing a significant change from my old standard damper. The old one allowed cold drafts in and this one does a great job keeping the chimney sealed.
Installation was pretty simple, took me maybe 2 or 2.5 hours. I would definitely recommend installing this yourself, as the chimney sweep quoted me at around $300. Overall, really satisfied.