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Stove Thermometer For Safe Wood Burning From Boone Hearth

Stove Thermometer For Safe Wood Burning From Boone Hearth
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The Boone Hearth thermometer is great for ensuring peace of mind when it comes to your stove. Chimney fires can start from creosote build up, which is caused when the stove is burning too low. The Boone Hearth thermometer has a color coding system for this problem. If the needle points in the yellow section, the burn is too low. If the needle points to the red section, the burn is too hot. When the needle points in the green area, you can rest assured, knowing that your stove is at the optimal temperature.
The Boone Hearth thermometer is magnetic, and attaches to your stove easily. It's small and lightweight - just 2.5" diameter and 1.4 ounces.

A wonderful investment for your peace of mind. Order yours today!




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Mar 24, 2017
Arrived on time and in "New" condition. I followed the simple instructions on where to place it on my wood burning stove and it seems to work just fine. I have a heat powered fan on my stove and wanted to make sure I didn't over heat the fan and damage the fan. It does this just fine and my room is much warmer with the fan and I'm not burning as much wood. "Win, Win!!"
Mar 16, 2016
This is a story of a stove thermometer and its owner. Me. I am the owner.

I have a wood burning stove. Me, being the worrywart that I am, worry about chimney fires because of creosote build up. so i purchased this wood burning stove thermometer and true to its word it is really easy to attach finish a metal part of the chimney/pipe and *chink* the magnet attaches. Yellow for too cold and creosote will form, green for just right, and red for too hot and inefficient. Which would have been awesome. Except for that it arrived broken.

I sent an email to the company and they got back to me within minutes saying they would just send me a new one. A week later a package with two new ones and the one i put on my stove works great! The other i gave to my friend and she loves it. Great product. Great company.