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We have combined sites in order to make a Fireplace, BBQ & Pool Spa super store!
About Boone Hearth Products...

Boone hearth is made by none other than Shop Chimney! It's our private brand of quality fireplace, BBQ & chimney accessories. See the Boone Hearth Line here.

About Real Flame Products...

Real Flame is the leader in the production and sale of gel-fueled fireplaces and accessories. See the full line of Real Flame products here.

About Zen Urban Accessories...

Zen Urban has a complete line of high quality accessories for BBQ grills, such as a multi-tool grill set with wood handles. See the full line Zen Urban Accessories here.

About Amantii Electric Fireplaces....

One of the more popular lines of electric fireplaces, Amantii features the Panorama, Tru-View, Wall-Mount and Flush-Mount as well as the Zero-Clearance models. See the full Amantii Electric Fireplaces here.

About AEI - Manufacturers of Grills and Heaters....

AEI Corporation

AEI manufacturers aluminum gas grills, all stainless steel gas grills and fully commercial gas grills. See the AEI grill and heaters line here

ShelterLogic Garages and Shed Facts...

Shelter Logic

ShelterLogic manufacturers shade, shelter and storage solutions for customers and retail partners. They manufacture both steel and fabric shelters for both commercial and everyday customers. See the ShelterLogic line here

About Blaze Grills and Outdoor....

Blaze Outdoor Products

Blaze grills have quality stainless steel construction and commercial-grade cast stainless steel burners. See the BLAZE GRILL SELECTION here

About Superior Fireplaces....

Superior FireplacesFrom fireplaces, including wood, gas or electric, to logsets & stoves, Superior Fireplaces is a company that combines value and reliability.
See the Superior Fireplace, stove & fireplace insert line here.

About Bull BBQ Grills....

BULL BARBECUEBull BBQ is cutting-edge technology. Thier grills feature even heating across the entire grill surface. They are pioneers of outdoor barbecue islands. See the Bull BBQ Grill and Outdoor Kitchen line here

About Heatfab venting systems...

HeatFabHeatfab® is the leading manufacturer of high quality venting systems for Special Gas Vent applications. They manufacture the Saf-T Vent for your commercial and industrial needs. See the HeatFab Venting line here

About RCS Gas Grills Barbecue Grills....

The RCS Renaissance Cooking Systems was born in 2003. Expertly crafted gas grill made with the highest grade of stainless found in the grill industry today. Designed for professional grade food. See the RCS BBQ Grill Line Here

About Bio-Blaze bio-ethanol Fireplaces....

No chimney! No gas! No smoke! This means that everyone can enjoy the warmth of a real flame. The Bio-Blaze fireplaces run on bio-ethanol fuel and do not need a chimney. They do not rely on any external connection (electricity or gas). Bio-Blaze fireplaces and burners are all patented, tested, and safety-approved. See the Bio-Blaze Fireplace line here

About Bella Outdoor Pizza Ovens...

Bella Outdoor

Bella Outdoor Pizza Ovens are made in USA.

Build the perfect outdoor living space for your family and friends with beautiful pizza ovens, in durable and rust-resistant stainless steel.

See the Bella Outdoor Oven line here

About Bayou Classic Cooking Products....

The ‘Bayou’ theme touches every product sold, and is at the heart of the Bayou Classic brand. Offering a broad variety of cooking products – from Great Lakes Boilers to Bayou Jambalaya Pots or even Homebrew Equipment - there is something for every region and occasion.

Shop the Bayou Classic brand HERE

About Bay Pointe Outdoor Fireplaces & Firepits ...

The Outdoor Room Experts! . Products include designer Pergolas, exciting Outdoor Kitchen Islands, enchanting Outdoor Fireplaces, beautiful Firepits, Outdoor Bars, Outdoor Smoker Islands, and relaxing Water Features. From "Value Priced” products to the most incredible and outrageous "Custom Designed” rooms.

See the Bay Pointe Outdoors Line here

About AZ Patio Heaters....

AZ Patio Heaters was established in 2002. Since then, they have established themselves as a leadng manufacturer of outdoor furniture and heating devices See the AZ Patio heater line here

About Aw Perkins...

The A.W. Perkins Company was founded in 2004. They are known for their state-of-the-art tools which, in the hands of professionals, are changing chimney sweeping and dryer vent cleaning for the better. See the AW Perkins line HERE

About "Anywhere Fireplace"....

Do you want to add style and distinction to any space? Now you can easily do so with the Anywhere Fireplace. The high style and distinctive contemporary design of the Anywhere Fireplace™ line of products allows the ambiance of a fireplace to be enjoyed in any space and with certain styles designed for indoor and outdoor use. 

Shop the "Anywhere Fireplace" line here

About American Outdoor Grills...

AOG GrillsAmerican Outdoor Grill is a family-owned business. AOG's grills are the result of expertise culled by over 20 years in the outdoor industry. AOG provides you with everything you need to create your ideal grilling system. Start from scratch with a new freestanding, pedestal, or island countertop grill, or add to your existing unit for a more verstaile, complete cooking space. Shop the American Outdoor Grill here

About American Gas Log....

American Gas Log

American Gas Log is proud that it manufactures all of its logs in the United States of America. They utilize the highest quality materials and skilled craftsmanship to create the most natural looking logs. As a result, their log sets are some of the most attractive log sets available today. See the AMERICAN GAS LOG LINE

About American Fyre Designs...

American Fyre Designs

Homeowners all over the country have come to realize the allure of fire in their backyards. Fire brings warmth, glow and serenity, encouraging us to relax and unwind. LEARN MORE ABOUT American Fyre Designs

American Fireglass

American Fireglass

American Fireglass is the world's premier manufacturer of glass for fireplaces and fire pits, as well as other burner products. See their FireGlass Here

The leaders in Flex-fuel / Biomass & Corn burning technology are...

American Energy Systems Inc.

American Energy Systems Inc.

American Energy Systems Inc. has been committed to providing safe, warm homes for their clients since 1973. The South Dakota company’s “MagnuM” and “Country Flame” evoke strength, dependability and safety. The MagnuM stoves are sleek and streamlined, while the Coutnry Home collection has an ornate, vintage feel.

Read more about the  leaders in Flex-fuel / Biomass & Corn burning technology here.

AKDY's fireplace units -incredibly versatile...


AKDY Imports is a manufacturer of high-end home improvement products that make your home a better place to live. Their electric fireplaces are designed to provide safe, mess-free heat that permeates your entire living space. They are perfect for families who want the comfort and classic feel of a fireplace without any of the hassle and maintenance that go along with traditional fireplaces.


About Acme Miami ....

Acme Miami
Acme Miami is all about the small ways in which your existing systems can be improved. These products are ideal for people who are looking for hands-on ways to improve the efficiency of the appliances that they use every day. See the Acme Miami line here

About Achla Designs....

ACHLA Designs

is a Garden Accessories company that produces unique, hand-forged European-style furnishings for the home and garden. See the ACHLA Designs HERE


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