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OneGrill 3WSS42 Weber Fit Stainless Rotisserie Kit Chrome Cordless Motor-200Ser

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The OneGrill Weber Fit Stainless Steel Cordless Rotisserie Kit is designed for the Weber enthusiast who wants a better choice for rotisserie cooking. Featuring the OneGrill 25 lb. Cordless Motor with a weather resistant chrome housing, an anti-backlash gear train for smooth operation of unbalanced loads, and quiet operation through a unique internal gear reduction. The multi-fitment 3/8" square spit rod, 4 prong forks, multi-generational bracket, and counter balance system are all constructed of 304 stainless steel for a long, rust resistant life under daily use conditions. This kit will fit the following Weber 2 burner* gas grill models. Weber Genesis II Series gas grill models: E-210, LX E-240, LX S-240. Current & previous Spirit Series gas grill models: E-210, S-210. Spirit II E-210, S-210. Also fits older model Weber gas grills with a grill base measuring 23.75". Please be advised that cordless motors, such as is included with this kit, will produce more audible noise than a plug in electric type motor. This is to be expected and is the byproduct of incredibly high torque and power efficiency from just 2 D-Cell batteries. *25 lb. limit assumes perfect balance. For most scenarios a 15 to 20 lb. limit is achievable due to unforeseen imbalance conditions. This kit is backed by the OneGrill 1 year "No Hassle Warranty". *Referenced burner count includes main burners only. Side burners, searing burners, and rear infrared burners not included in this reference.

Why Choose This OneGrill Rotisserie Over the Manufacturer or Other Brands?
  • Portable Versatility: Features our premium chrome cordless motor for those times when an electrical outlet is not available or use of an extension cord is not desired. Runs for up to 36 hours on a single set of D-Cell batteries.
  • Heavier Materials: Features a premium solid, single piece 3/8" square rotisserie spit rod. Compare this to the thinner 5/16" square multi-piece thread together spit rods seen on competing brands.
  • Better Materials: Featuring premium 304 food grade stainless steel in all metal components (excluding steel motor). Includes: motor mounting bracket and hardware, spit rod, rotisserie forks, and entire counterbalance system. Compare this to the lower quality (not rust resistant) grades of stainless steel seen in comparable brands. Typically lower cost 216 grade stainless, which aesthetically is similar, but does not have the naturally anti-bacterial characteristics of 304 grade stainless nor the long term rust prevention characteristics. We also do not utilize a plastic case on our motors. This allows the motor to breathe better and evacuate heat, ultimately allowing for better rotisserie motor performance. Comparably, plastic cased motors as seen on competing kits remain cooler to the touch, but also insulate the heat inside the motor.
  • Single Piece Spit Rod: All OneGrill rotisserie systems include a solid, single piece spit rod. The reason for this is simple. Multi-piece spit rods simply do not have the same strength or reliability in comparison to a single, solid piece of machined stainless steel. In comparable brand kits you will typically find 2 detriments to rod strength. The first is that many will feature a thread together spit rod, typically 3 pieces. This allows those manufactures the benefit of fitting more grills with a single rotisserie kit and for keeping shipping sizes slightly lower (cheaper for them), but also has all of the drawbacks of a multi-piece spit rod including a flimsy overall finished product and more pieces that you as the consumer must assemble, re-tighten regularly, and keep track of. The second detriment is the rod girth. For our Weber fit systems we utilize either 3/8" square for our smaller/mid-sized grill systems or 1/2" hexagonal spit rods for our larger grill fitments (each system marked). Comparable kits will utilize 5/16" square spit rods for smaller and mid-sized grills and 3/8" square for their largest models. Pair this with a thread together design and the strength isn't even competitive.
  • Smarter Handle: Our kit includes a high heat nylon cast handle to allow for real insulation from the heat traveling down the spit rod during a rotisserie session. Comparable kits utilize an all metal handle, which is aesthetically pleasing, but does not even begin to satisfy the function of a rotisserie handle. An all metal handle will dissipate heat at the same rate as the remaining spit rod. This simply means with our system the handle will remain much, much cooler and provide for easier removal.
  • A Counterbalance: The OneGrill system includes an entirely stainless steel, fully adjustable counterbalance system. This allows for increased capacities abilities and smoother overall operation. Ultimately this provides for not only a more enjoyable smooth operating rotisserie, but also adds life to the motor by allowing for minor imbalance to be removed from the rotisserie during a cooking session. Most comparable systems, including the manufacturer brand, no longer include this crucial component.
THIS COMPLETE SET INCLUDES:(1) OneGrill Chrome Cordless Motor (2-D Cell batteries not included) (1) 3/8" Square Cut Single Piece Stainless Spit Rod, (2) Premium Four Prong Stainless Spit Forks, (1) Stainless Weber Fit Bracket, (1) Premium Contoured Handle, (1) 8 oz. Stainless Counter Balance Weight, (1) Stainless Locking Washer.

  • Featuring our top performing cordless chrome rotisserie motor. Turn loads up to 25 lbs. perfectly balanced for a duration of up to 36 hours in 1 set of D-Cell batteries. Please also see the AC Adapter (4PA07) sold separately to allow for electrical operation of the motor as well.
  • Includes entirely rust resistant 304 stainless steel constructed 3/8" square Weber fit rotisserie spit rod, 4 prong rotisserie forks (pair), counterbalance system, motor mounting bracket, and mounting hardware.
  • 4 prong staggered length heavy gauge 304 stainless steel rotisserie forks feature solid machined hub with integral thumb screw fastening. No sheet metal fastening systems or spot welded fork tines ensure these forks will not break under heavy loads.
  • Single piece, heavy gauge 3/8" square 304 stainless steel provides a sturdy assurance during cooking as compared to the 2-piece thread together smaller 5/16" square spit rods used in competing systems.
  • Fits the following 2 burner Weber gas grill models. Weber Genesis II Series gas grill models: E-210, LX E-240, LX S-240, & Spirit: E-210, S-210. Spirit II E-210, S-210.
  • 1 year OneGrill "No Hassle" Warranty
  • Product Code: 3WSS42


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