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OneGrill 5PB818 Performer Kamado Rotisserie Basket - 5/16" Square

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Kamado Joe JoeTisserie owners, you asked for it and we listened! Need 1 basket for all of your tumble and flat basket needs? The OneGrill Performer Series Kamado Grill Fit Rotisserie Spit Basket has been thoughtfully crafted to address all of your rotisserie basket needs and truly add versatility to the rotisserie experience without the need for separate rotisserie attachments. The perfect add on to your existing spit or rotisserie system purchase,this basket simply slides onto the spit rod and can be tightened down in the desired location on your 18" Kamado grill rotisserie system with 5/16" square spit rod. When used as a flat or "compression" rotisserie basket, the opportunity for perfect adjustment and balance is always available. Featuring 20 integral individual flat rack height adjustments your options for cooking the thickest to the thinnest of meats, vegetables, and beyond will be a breeze while providing the perfect environment for even balancing. With the included 2 flat racks you will be able to position your load and vary the spacing of the racks based on your specific cooking needs to clamp the food in place. This basket will also come complete with 2 curved side racks to create a fully functioning, high capacity tumble style basket. Designed to clamp onto the curved sides of the basket, these curved racks provide limited grate spacing for small food sizes. All components are entirely 304 stainless steel construction. For strength the internal core of this basket is manually welded; weld/heat marks may be present as a result.

IMPORTANT MEASUREMENTS TO CONSIDER: This special version of the Performer Series Basket has been modified from our standard universal varieties to accommodate the narrow fitment needs popular in smaller 18" inside diameter round Kamado grill rotisseries. Specifically we have shortened the adjustable rack ends to fit into the smaller round cavity of most Kamado rotisserie units including the popular Kamado Joe Joetisserie Rotisserie System. Maximum outside width with racks installed is 15.25". Maximum outside diameter with racks installed is 9". Inside width is 13.25". Inside depth is 8". This version of the Performer Series Basket is intended for use with a 5/16" square profile rotisserie rods as is seen in the popular JoeTisserie rotisserie unit. Please be sure to measure the distance from your spit rod to surrounding areas as the basket will require 4.75" of clearance in each direction from the rotisserie spit rod. For applications with equal to or greater than 19" diameters and/or spit rods larger than 5/16" square please see our other available models: 5pb815, 5pb816, 5pb817.

ADJUSTMENTS & USE: This basket will work as a flat, tumble, or combination basket. The included flat racks and curved racks are tool-less by design and can be adjusted by simply squeezing the ends of the outside of the basket. For tumble operation the flat and curved racks should be employed together. The flat racks will occupy the middle portion of the basket and the curved will enclose the side grating. For flat basket operation you will simply compress the food between the 2 flat racks or make use of the curved racks for larger, odd shaped foods. With 20 different height adjustments and a top and bottom portion of the basket, the variations of spacing are numerous and will vary by food type and desired balance. Basket can be placed anywhere you desire along the spit rod. Largest opening on included racks is .6"X2.25".

Want to expand the capacity and functionality of the Performer Basket?Additional racks available for purchase.

  • Specifically designed for 18" Kamado grills.
  • Fitment allows for fitment to popular 5/16" Square rotisserie spit rods.
  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction ensures rust resistant performance.
  • Easily slides onto existing spit rods for a universal style application.
  • Phillips Head screw tightening allows for positive lock and easy adjustment along the spit rod.
  • Includes 2 flat racks and 2 curved racks for operation as a flat and tumble basket.
  • Product Code: 5PB818


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