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Outdoor Kitchen Center

Custom Outdoor Kitchens
You can create your own custom outdoor kitchen, complete with a barbebue grill, kitchen cabinets, and a kitchen island, right on your patio. Look through this section for unique kitchen ideas.
Outdoor Refrigerators
Grill Bases, Posts & Carts
Grill Island

Outdoor Refrigerators, Ice Makers & Beverage Centers Complete your outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator, icemaker, beer dispenser, mini fridge or a complete beverage center. You may even be able to install a counter depth refrigerator.
Outdoor Kitchen Components Build your own outdoor kitchen with rugged stainless steel ready-made parts such as sinks, kitchen cabinets, cabinet doors, and island sections. You can customize your kitchen design!
Grill Bases, Carts and Posts Build your very own custom barbecue grill on a ready-made base cart or post. Place it near your fire pit or install a rotisserie add-on while you're at it.

Grill Islands Transforn your cooking space into a full food-service station. 
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