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Planika Forma 48 in indoor Left Corner Fireplace With 39 in FLA Burner

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Planika's FORMA fireboxes are truly designed with the user in mind, making them a perfect focal point in any setting, residential or commercial alike. The transparent glass on the left corner enables the flame to be viewed from the front and the left corner, maximising the undisturbed view of the flickering flames. Now, thanks to the zero clearance and self-contained construction, you can frame your fireplace into wood or metal studs.

With the designated app, you can not only turn them ON and OFF via your smartphone but you can regulate the flame level too. Automatic fuel pump means there is no manual handling involved when refuelling the fireplace.

FORMA fireboxes are sought after, flexible solution to fit into any living space, modern or more traditional ? that's why architects love them! Thanks to the cutting edge BEV Technology and full combustion, Planika's bio-ethanol fireplaces are not just ecologically sustainable but meet even the most robust health and safety requirements.

  • DOUBLE-SIDED FIREPLACE The fireplace allows to keep the visual connection between spaces and provides natural flames in two rooms with only one fireplace.
  • BEST BUILD QUALITY The product passed extensive tests carried out by the leading certification institutes. It is manufactured according to UL standards and is O-TL certified, meeting the most demanding safety and quality requirements.
  • PROTECTIVE DEFLECTOR With the attached deflector you can cover the fireplace housing with combustible materials.
  • TRUE ZERO CLEARANCE The feature that allows you install the fireplace in a housing construction made of combustible materials.
  • INTEGRATED CONTROL PANEL The FLA burner has an intuitive control panel with an LCD screen and inlet for automatic refuelling.
  • REMOTE CONTROL OPTIONS Control the fire with the included remote, app on your smartphone or home automation system.
  • AUTOMATIC FLA BURNER The automatic burner with the patented BEV Technology is the most advanced product in the industry ensuring the leanest burning process without any smoke, smell or ash. The flame is produced by combusting ethanol vapors and has no direct contact with the liquid fuel.
  • TECHNICAL GLASS PANEL The dedicated toughened glass plate covers the flame making it stable and even.
  • Burner model: FLA 39'' (BEV Technology)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 4.5 gallons
  • Maximum burn time: 31 hours
  • Maximum heat output: 23 885 BTU/h
  • Minimum room cubature: 2472 ft3
  • Flame height regulation: 6 stages
  • Weight: 177.1 lbs
  • Fuel type: bioethanol 86 - 96.6%
  • Flue: not required
  • Air change rate: 1 space volume per hour
  • Power supply: 115 V
  • Finish: black powder coating
  • Materials: steel, galvanized steel, toughened glass
  • Application: for indoor use only
  • Dimensions: 48''W x 16''D x 20''H


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