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Q-Rak II Floor to Ceiling Bike Rack DBR9262-CP

Q-Rak II Floor to Ceiling Bike Rack DBR9262-CP
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Weight 9.00 lbs
UPC 832085002170
MFR Pro-Iroda


This bike rack is very adjustable. The arms that hold your bikes are able to be positioned anywhere along the vertical pole. This feature allows you to space your bikes properly for your room height and bike sizes. Each arm has 2 cradles that support your bike along its frame. The angle of the arm is adjustable, so it can be adjusted to fit a variety of bike frames (mountain, bmx, fixed gear, beach cruiser, etc). The whole height of the rack can adjust from 5 ft 11 inches to 9 ft 6 inches. The typical residential ceiling height is 8 foot, so this rack gives you plenty of options for shorter or taller spaces. Essentially, you wedge the rack into place between your ceiling and floor. To do this, you adjust the rack height to be just a little longer than the height of your ceiling. This causes the rack to be pinned in place and prevents the rack from falling over. As mentioned above, this makes installation a breeze and doesn't require any hardware or screwing into your walls or ceiling.

  • Maximum weight capacity of 80-pounds and saves floor space by keeping bikes off the ground
  • Holds a maximum of (2) bikes and adjusts from 71-114-inches to fit in almost any storage space
  • Features a durable chrome finish
  • Height is adjustable between 5'11" and 9'6" (typical residential ceiling = 8 ft)
  • Bike cradle arms are 18" long
  • Rack depth is 8"
  • No holes or screws necessary - great for apartments
  • Adjustable rack arms


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