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Round Grove STAX Modular Largo Fireplace Chimney

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SKU RGP-STX2830-2835
Weight 210.00 lbs
UPC 696447379528
MFR Round Grove
MPN STX2830-2835


Some customers have topography or width clearance issues that prevent a full-size skid steer from the install site, so we designed modular components for our custom brick ovens and fireplaces. These pieces allow smaller, stand-behind equipment to maneuver more easily. These are typically two-piece or three-piece components that require a little more installation assembly to get ready for final finishes, but still save time and labor compared to CMU block or kit assembly projects.

Round Grove Products can "componentize" your project to make the install faster, keep the payload lighter on your equipment, or pass through the zero-clearance bottlenecks.

Start with a fireplace base (1) and add a chimney (3) for a fireplace unit (4) or start with a fireplace base (1) add a brick oven(2) and a chimney (3) for a combo unit (5). Add a hearth. Add a chimney extension. There are lots of options. Or combine the brick oven (2) and chimney component (3) for a countertop brick oven for your outdoor kitchen.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to handle
  • Easier to admire
  • For Largo Firebox model
  • 39"L x 42"W x 31.5"H


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