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A.W. Perkins Company, maker of the RoVac System, is committed to providing the most effective and innovative products to their rapidly growing industry. With over 20 years of experience in the manufacture of dryer vent cleaning and chimney sweeping tools, you can be sure that RoVac will provide state of-the-art equipment that has gone through extensive field testing. The RoVac System was first offered in 1999 after years of testing with other cleaning methods such as compressed air, blowers, and various rods that either screwed together or had quick connects that required a tool to get them apart. The design of RoVac's high powered vacuum and their ButtonLok connector are so unique that we have been awarded one patent with others pending.

If you have used any type of chimney or dryer vent cleaning rod in the past, I’m sure you can see how the ButtonLok™ connector will save you time and energy when you sweep. The rods are designed for use with rotary cleaning tools and with their optional Rovac Video Inspection System. Their innovative products have taken both the dryer vent cleaning industry and the chimney cleaning industry to a higher level. Their tools allow you to complete more jobs in less time at higher quality, thereby making you the greatest profit. RoVac's comprehensive training results in national certification by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, the only recognized credential for dryer vent and chimney cleaning.


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Rovac Replacement Tool Adaptor For Prokleen Tools
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Rovac 3-Motor Chimney & Dryer Vent Vacuum - Replacement Motor Brushes
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Rovac 3/4" X 5' Polylok Button Rod
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Y Adaptor For Rovac Chimney Accessory
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