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Starfire Designs Form Fitting Fire Pit Ledge

Starfire Designs Form Fitting Fire Pit Ledge
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With fire pit projects being more popular than ever, you will want to be one step ahead of the rest, and not settle for sub-par installation methods. That's why we recommend the Form Fitting Fire Pit Ledge for your next fire feature build. This handy part allows you to easily create a ledge on the inside of just about any size or shape fire pit. Not only does this keep your installation clean and professional, but this type of setup is a must for anyone connecting to a propane gas line or using an electronic ignition system.The ledge is used to support the weight of your burner pan and fire pit media. If you are in need of fire media, see our very popular Starfire Glass collection.

Each Form Fitting Fire Pit Ledge is 18'' in length and made from 16 gauge galvanized steel. Each ledge piece is shipped to you straight, but a slotted design allows the metal to flex and contour to the shape of your fire pit. In addition to this, multiple fastening holes give you plenty of options for securing this part to the inside of your fire pit. While you don't need to utilize each hole, we recommend that you do have a minimum of four contact points for each ledge you install.


The average fire pit will use anywhere from 3 to 5 pieces. To determine the right quantity for your fire pit, simply divide the inner fire pit perimeter in inches by 18. To determine the perimeter of round fire pits, multiply the diameter in inches by 3.14 (pi). Example: 32'' diameter multiply by 3.14 = 100.48'', divide by 18'', equals 5.58. Needs 5 - 6 Form Fit Ledges. Refer to our handy chart below for additional help.

  • Location: Outdoor
  • Material: 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Assembly Required: Some Assembly Required