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The Pool'N Brush Sweep Hose Tail Scrubber for Pool Cleaners

The Pool'N Brush Sweep Hose Tail Scrubber for Pool Cleaners
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MFR Pool'n Brush


The Pool' N Brush has a unique conical shape that allows the brush to have a better surface contact as it cleans your pool. The rotating feature allows for a more efficient and long lasting even wear on the brush. It is designed to prevent annoying tail spraying and splayshing outside the pool. Compatible with all models of pressure side pool vaccuum cleaner or use orifice tip with guard provided. The Pool' N Brush will not fall apart which could clog the drain system. No more useless swaying and wagging tail, the Pool' N Brush is designed to remain in contact with Pool surface for permanent scrubbing.



  • No more constant replacement scrubbers!
  • 3 bristle stiffness for extreme cleaning results on all pool surfaces
  • Built to last 20x longer
  • Compatible with Vac-Sweep automatic pool cleaners and vacuums with Polaris and Pentair sweep hose scrubber tail ends
  • Pool brush tails spraying outside of the pool
  • Designed to prevent that annoying tail spray outside of the pool
  • Snaps on to the tip of your pool vacuum cleaner sweep hose tall and begins working immediately
  • You won't have to replace those gray sponges every couple of weeks
  • It also will not prevent or diffuse the beneficial power water jet at the end of the tail hose, hose not included

How it works: The Pool' N Brush snaps onto the tip of your pool vacuum's sweep hose tail and begins working immediately. As your pool vacuum runs its course around your pool, the Pool' N Brush bristles scrub away dust, debris and algae.

Included: Orifice tip and guard