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The VacDaddy Powerful Portable Pool Vac

The VacDaddy Powerful Portable Pool Vac
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Weight 25.00 lbs
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MFR VacDaddy


The VacDaddy is the most powerful, portable pool vacuum new to the market with a continuous power supply. The VacDaddy's continuous power eliminates dependency on batteries with limited life. The VacDaddy is lightweight, easy to use, powerful and requires no poolside assembly or training.

Cleaning your carpets doesn't require all this setup and weightlifting, why should cleaning your pool? We have devoted ourselves to perfecting The VacDaddy Pool Vacuum System. The goal was to create a durable, light weight, powerful cleaner that is easy to use and we have done just that. The VacDaddy system will allow users to clean their pools in less time with less effort. Like your carpet vacuum, plug in and JUST VAC IT!


  • Only 10lbs
  • 60+ GPM of suction
  • 24V Electric Motor
  • Plugs into 110V outlet
  • No setup or break down
  • Clean more pools in less time
  • Never charge another battery
  • Mounts on universal pol and Vachead


  • Power Supply Input Voltage: AC90-135V - 12A Max 50/60 KH
  • Power Supply Output Voltage: DC 30 - 16.7A
  • Output Power: 500W Max
  • Power Supply PF: <0.7 Ta/Tc: -20 to +50 Degrees C
  • Power Supply Output Method: CV Mode
  • Power Supply Water Resistant: IP67
  • Motor Voltage: CD 24V
  • Motor Output: 223W
  • VacDaddy Weight: 10lbs
  • Power Supply Weight: 6lbs
  • Floating Cable Length: 45'
  • Includes mesh and felt filter bags