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Vertical rack for Kayak and SUP

Vertical rack for Kayak and SUP
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SKU PI-G-750-PH4
Weight 48.00 lbs
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MFR Pro-Iroda
MPN G-750-PH4
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Save space by storing your kayak or SUP standing up! There's no need to take up extra floor or wall space with a boat or board stored horizontally.The Kayak and SUP Rack is designed with padding in several contact points to ensure your kayaks and SUPs are protected. There are 8"" long pads along the top of the rack to protect your equipment and hold it in place. Buckling straps that adjust to 60"" hold your kayaks and SUPs in the rack while they stand, acting as an extra level of security. The pedestals at the bottom of the rack have a 4"" wide cushion on which your boats and SUPs rest, keeping them padded and off the ground.Kayaks: This rack has 3 compartments for you to stand 3 kayaks.

SUPs: This rack fits at least 3 SUPs. Depending on the thickness of your SUPs, if you insert them at slight angles you can fit 2 SUPs in each compartment for a total of 6 SUPs.

Paddles: The rack comes with a handy paddle holder that attaches to the top so you can store up to 4 paddles. The paddle holder has 2"" wide and 1.5"" deep spaces in which your paddles rest snugly.

  • Space-saving vertical storage solution!
  • Holds 3 kayaks or up to 6 SUPs
  • Solid steel design can support up to 250 lbs
  • Great for home, garage, retail, indoor, or outdoor use!
  • Height: the recommended maximum length (height when standing in the rack) for SUPs and kayaks is 12 feet. Also make sure your ceilings are tall enough to fit your boats/boards.
  • Width: SUPs and kayaks up to 36"" will fit in the rack.
  • Thickness: Most standard paddleboard and kayak thicknesses will fit in the rack no problem!


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