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Waterfall, Gray, 9" Lip 12" Length (Back Inlet)

Waterfall, Gray, 9" Lip 12" Length (Back Inlet)
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SKU P1OC-2500-12XL
Weight 4.28 lbs
UPC 689145827569
MFR Custom Cascade
MPN 2500-12XL


One of the best water feature system that you can install in your pool and spa area is by creating a cascading sheet of flowing water. This can be produced by the Oreq Custom Cascade 2500 Series Waterfall unit which offers a luxurious way while helping you relax fruitfully resulting to a calm mind and soothing body. If you want to enjoy bonding moments with your family, a waterfalls in your area is an effective option. Playtime moments will be memorable with your children as you all play in the waterfalls. Friends and visitors will be mesmerized by the magnificent waterfalls you have in your pool area while making it more inviting to swim and relax in your pool. The Oreq 2500-12XL Custom Cascade 2500 Series Waterfall, ABS Plastic, Back Inlet model is fabricated using highly-durable ABS plastic materials. This particular model has a gray decorative color that can perfectly blend with any environment. This is 12-inch long and has a 9-inch lip and was designed for installation at heights up to 4-feet above the water reservoir surface to be able to create an unbroken cascading sheet of water with satin-like appearance efficiently. It has a 1.5-inch PVC Slip Inlet connection located on the back to connect plumbing line in. Also, all ABS units feature a T-Baffle design that adds additional structural support.To maintain these waterfall units to have a perfect sheet-like flow, you only need to keep debris out of its lip area because such debris can be a sign that the water flow is broken. If you notice that, just removed the debris using a rock pick or a card and slide it across the front of the waterfall. Just be careful not to hit the support ribs that are set 0.75-inch back from the lip opening.


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